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First things first: we’re so glad you’re here. Can I share a story with you? (I hope so, as I really love a good story.) I like to think of all us all as either ships, fa-la-la sailing along the seas of life, and the older I get the more I realized how often I […]

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why, hello

We’re Liz
& NicolE

Schoolyard friends who learned to embrace the playground of "what if."

After the rat race of life left us overwhelmed and unfulfilled, we dove head-first into years of emotional intelligence training and intuitive coaching. The change that resulted in for us was swift and powerful—and we knew: we wanted to empower and equip others with the same tools that turned things around for us. So we created this space to help women stop settling and start imagining more. More happiness. More wonder. More motherf*cking magic. Are you in?


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You don’t have to be able to put your finger on what the problem is.  All you need is the willingness to move one inch to the left at a time, with the support of real-world tactics and real fun humans on your side.